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Return for the Future represents the first public organization the goal of which is to support Georgian citizens living abroad to return to their homeland and offer them appropriate services for this purpose.
The mission of the organization represents creation of the first platform for the repatriation of compatriots in Georgia, which will contribute to the full integration of citizens returning from emigration into society; offer them free courses in Georgian language and history; provide them with legal consultations on legal topics, including granting/restoring/retaining citizenship status, obtaining the right to reside and work, access to universal health care and education.
In addition, specialist of the organization will provide free consultations to citizens who have returned to their homeland on tax and commercial legislation in force in Georgia.
The objective of the project is to advocate the problems of repatriates, with all possible tools on any platform.
The project will assist the citizens who have returned to their homeland in a consistent process of repatriation, which will further contribute to the civil and socio-economic strengthening of Georgia.
NNLE Return to the Future is a legal entity established in accordance with the Civil Code of Georgia, which operates on the grounds of the Constitution, legislation and statutes of Georgia. The organization protects the personal data of other people, freedom of speech and self-expression.
The organization will support compatriots who have returned to their homeland and/or who wish to return to receive the services they need.
It develops special legislative proposals for the formation of an effective program for their return to their homeland - reintegration (repatriation).
It cooperates with local and international organizations, including diasporas.
It provides educational programs.
• Georgian language and history courses in partnership with the European University;
• Trainings on examination issues in order get citizenship status;
• Legal advice on citizenship and residence permit issues;
• Business consultations on the current tax and commercial legislation of Georgia.
• Implementation of the TV project Return for the Future in the network of the general broadcaster in order to update, advocacy and information support of repatriation issues.
All services of the Organization is free.
Address: Tbilisi (0102), Kosta Khetagurovi street #36
Hot line:
+995 5 33334403
+995 5 33334404
+995 5 33334405
E-mail: office@repatriation.ge

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